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Should We Perform the Last Rites on Solutions Selling?

It’s been the mantra of sales management in the B2B sectors for over 30 years.  Whether you sold for Xerox, Raytheon, IBM, Monsanto, United Technologies or even McKinsey the path to the sales jackpot was the same – learn the techniques of solutions selling.  Every company that has sold high[...]

Key Account Management: Marketing’s Impact. An interview with Bev Burgess

Recently, SI interviewed Bev Burgess, a B2B services growth specialist, on the topic of marketing’s role in Key Account Management (KAM) programs.  Bev is Director of UK-based consultancy The Capsicum Group, and a recognized expert in the process of applying strategic marketing insight to grow[...]

Solutions Success Story: How TELUS helped its sales force succeed in selling solutions

Here's a common scenario: A company spends significant time and energy create a new set of solutions for a specific market segment. A cross-business unit board agrees to support the new initiative and asks Marketing to put together a go-to-market plan for the new solutions. The marketing team rolls[...]