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Solutions Marketing : Should your Go-To-Market Strategy Include Social Media?

Studies continue to show that solutions marketers are looking to use social media tools as part of their go-to-market strategies. However, in a B2B world, where the offers are complex and expensive, has social media proven to be successful? Has it become core to how companies go to market? As part[...]

Solutions Marketing: Helping Your Customers Become Solutions Companies

The Republicans and the Democrats are looking for a “solution” that will prevent them from driving over the edge of the fiscal cliff.  The National Hockey League is looking for a “solution” to its player lock-out so that hockey fans can once again watch the bone-crushing body slams and[...]

The solutions challenge

Globalization and the Internet have caused a fundamental shift in business-to-business markets. Buyers now have the upper hand as sellers contend with global competition and near-complete transparency. But buyers face the same dynamics with their own end-customers. So they have greater choice in[...]