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Aligning the Organization Around a Solutions Strategy

The Challenge.

Solutions continue to be an enigma to many companies. They want to be seen as a "solutions company," but have yet to think through the organizational and operational implications.

Some are comfortable with simply adding solutions language to their marketing and sales vernacular. Others are driven to make sure that every part of their organization is tailored to be able to provide real solutions - offerings that resolve complex business needs and provide tangible, measureable results.

We find companies face a range of strategic and organizational challenges around solutions, including:

  • Building consensus around a common definition of "solutions" and a taxonomy that guides solutions management and operations
  • Determining how much of the offering portfolio should be allocated to integrated solutions vs. discrete products and/or services
  • Changing the organizational structure to facilitate solutions development, marketing, sales and delivery
  • Establishing the right metrics so that solutions initiatives can be accurately evaluated
  • Creating a culture by which both product and services-based Business Units understand what they need to invest in the company's solutions business

Our Approach

Before charging down a solutions-focused path, we recommend you pause and make sure you select the right path. There is no "one size fits all" approach to building a profitable solutions business. Rather, you need to select, develop, and build alignment around a solutions business model based upon your particular product and services mix, corporate culture, competitive position, geographic footprint, and a number of other variables.

At Solutions Insights, we help companies work through these issues in several ways, including:

  • Business Case Analysis: Developing credible financial models that provide the costs and benefits of enhancing your solutions capabilities, including projected investment, market demand, revenue, delivery costs, and margin
  • Strategy Development and Alignment: Determining how to integrate the key components of a solutions business -- including solutions development, marketing, sales, delivery, support, and business unit management - into overall corporate strategy
  • Organization Assessment and Change: Identifying necessary points of organizational change, potential costs and risks, and strategies for managing the transition

Client Examples

  • For a company in the automated manufacturing business, ran a series of workshops with marketing and operations executives to gain a broad consensus on the perception of solutions and how operating a solutions company would be different than how they were operating at the time.
  • For a leading data storage company, determined the targeted percentage of solutions revenues that they would like to attain within 3-5 years in addition to existing product and services revenues.
  • For a large systems integrator, created a financial pro forma forecast that detailed the various financial scenarios around a newly proposed solutions business model.

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