Services:Sample Engagements

The principals at Solutions Insights have helped a number of the world’s leading B2B technology and services companies strengthen their solutions business, including Avaya, Diebold, Nortel, Cisco, EMC, HP, IBM, Northrop-Grumman, SAP, and Siemens.

Sample engagements include the following:

Strategic Alignment

Aligning the Organization Around a Solutions Strategy

Offering Distinction

Developing and Launching Compelling New Solutions

Customer Connection

Deepening Connections with Customers and Prospects

Sales Acceleration

Shortening the Sales Cycle for High – Value Solutions

  • For a large company that sells parts and systems for automated manufacturing, helped the executive sales, marketing and operations teams determine how they can combine their various business unit offerings and capabilities to provide more integrated customer solutions, resulting in a new corporate strategy with changes in organizational structure, redefinition of sales organization, training, and compensation, and new roles for field marketing.
  • For an IT professional services company, worked with their Sales and Marketing Collaborative Council to develop an integrated sales and marketing plan around their solutions portfolio; this activity brought these groups together for the first time on a formal basis to build an integrated solutions strategy.
  • For one of the largest companies in the data warehousing space, had 40+ of their top executives fill out a survey assessing their company’s ability to build, market, and sell solutions; followed up by conducting a day-long workshop to review the results, and then put together an Action Plan that was intended to move the company to the next level in its solutions capabilities.


Offering Distinction—Developing and launching new offerings


  • For a leading systems integrator, assisted in redesigning processes for developing integrated horizontal/vertical solutions; determined roles and responsibilities for all business units involved in solutions development.
  • For a large telecommunications equipment company, assisted the executive team in developing a strategy to move from being product- to solutions-focused, resulting in a series of new initiatives in solutions development, offer management, go-to-market approach, and sales processes and methodology.
  • For an IT and networking company, worked with the top solutions executives to determine the best combination of services and products to develop into solutions that will provide a competitive advantage for the next 3-5 years.

Customer Connection—Deepening connections with customers and prospects

  • For a large systems integrator, tested the demand and value attributes of two new solutions offerings in the marketplace; based upon the responses, developed a go-to-market strategy and materials to train the sales force on the new offers.
  • For a large networking and telecommunications company, evaluated their customer satisfaction program and provided new methodologies aimed it improving and widening the program; also assisted in creating a more integrated customer relationship program that cut across all of the company’s customer-facing activities.
  • For a very large IT solutions company, designed and assisted in the implementation of a world-wide program aimed at improving customer relationships with the company’s top accounts


Sales Acceleration—Accelerating the selling process for solutions

  • For a major networking and telecommunications company, determined the gaps between buyer expectations and how the sales force was presenting the company’s offerings, resulting in the development of new sales collateral, customized sales training, and a sales support system that matched customer needs with the most appropriate offerings.
  • For a large product-based technology company, developed customized sales materials and used them to train a 1,000+ global sales force in how to sell customer solutions instead of discrete products.
  • For a large IT solutions provider, worked with the Solutions Marketing staff to design, develop, and deliver a customized two-day sales training workshop that was rolled out across the United States; the program included developing the content, delivering a pilot workshop, and coaching trainers from the customer organization to support the full rollout.
  • For a large semiconductor company, delivered a short training session that was attended by over 400 salespeople at their sales "boot camp" over a 2-day period.
  • For a large systems integrator serving the government sector, designed and delivered a series of account-based sales planning workshops; each workshop resulted in a detailed sales and marketing plan for a key account, with specific implementation actions required of both the sales and marketing account team members.


Other Solutions—Related Experience

  • Solutions Governance: For a large telecommunications and networking company, provided training, consulting, and mentoring for a newly developed Solutions Council; assisted in creating Council roles and responsibilities, building a solutions development process, and evaluating potential new solutions.
  • Solutions Marketing Training: For a large IT solutions provider, designed and developed an innovative two-day solutions marketing training program for delivery in North America, Europe, and Asia. 
  • Solutions Positioning on a Website:For a Fortune 100 company, evaluated the language and navigation structure of its solutions on the corporate website; determined that the navigation path was not intuitive enough; in addition, applied the company's solutions definition to the offerings that were found on the solutions web pages and found that nearly half of them did not qualify as true solutions; this work resulted in a significant redesign of the website architecture and a re-classification of many of the company's offerings from the Solutions to the Services section.