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Solutions Sales Accelerator Playbooks

Our playbook approach will help you in 5 important ways :
  •   Uncovering the winning play that will provide the best opportunities for sales acceleration.
  •   Involving sales in every step of the process to discover both real-world tactics and potential barriers to a sale.
  •   Delivering the information sales needs when they need it the most - nothing more, nothing less.
  •   Accelerating adoption by sales to make sure your playbook investment pays off.
  •   Reducing the stress, complexity and amount of time need to create and launch the playbook; we are solutions marketing experts who use proven processes to define customer needs, facilitate sales input, design and write the playbook, and even help with rollout, training and measurement.

Why a Solutions Sales Accelerator Playbook?

Playbooks have been around for a long time and marketing departments routinely provide information to sales on what products to sell, how to sell them, and who to sell to. But when companies move to solutions, the stakes are higher because:

  • A solution is more complex and can include professional services, multiple products, and partner offerings.
  • Sales people must have a deeper understanding of the customer’s business and industry.
  • Sales people must identify and influence multiple decision makers, many of whom they’ve never talked to before.
  • The sales team often includes consultants, technologists, and industry experts who must be brought in at key points in the sale.
  • Sales people must make the difficult switch from selling features and benefits to solving a customer problem.

Customer Testimonials

We have helped a number of industry leaders improve their solutions selling process with our solutions sales accelerator playbooks.

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