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Shortening the Sales Cycle for High-Value Solutions

The Challenge

Let’s face it – selling solutions is hard. The offers are often complex and expensive, which means:

  • More time and effort educating customers
  • Reaching higher up in the customer organization
  • Managing a longer and more expansive sales cycle

The challenge is compounded by the fact that integrated solutions typically involve a team selling approach, often with partners, instead of an individual sale person landing deals alone.

What tends to happen in this environment is not surprising; sales people fall back into their comfort zone and do what they know best: selling discrete, lower value products and services.

Our Approach

Many sales and marketing leaders assume that the answer is more training. While important, the impact of solutions sales training is limited without a more systematic approach to better enabling the entire solutions sales process.

Accelerating solutions sales requires:

  • Correctly diagnosing the problems; too often the sales force is the whipping boy for poorly designed solution sets or weak marketing initiatives
  • Aligning sales incentives, compensation, and metrics with the offerings and overall business objectives
  • Strengthening sales enablement systems, processes, and tools to ensure that sellers work in the right ways at the right time with the right customer contacts
  • Integrating tightly-focused training with continuous coaching and support; given the complexity of most solutions portfolios and the unique characteristics within many customer environments, being able to access the right information and counsel at the right time becomes critical to selling process


At Solutions Insights, we help companies accelerate solutions sales with a set of best-practice tools and programs developed with industry leaders over the last ten years, including:

  • Sales Support Optimization: Orienting and optimizing sales support tools, processes, and organization for the challenges of selling high-value solutions
  • Key Account Innovation: Bringing together the combined insights and capabilities of key account leaders, marketing, and solutions experts to create new strategies and offerings for your most important accounts
  • Advanced Training and Coaching: Organizing detailed solutions- and client-focused training and just-in-time coaching that pick up where generic skills and process training leave off

To find out more about how we can help you ensure that your solutions are sold by a motivated and effective sales team.

Client Examples

  • For a large telecom and networking company, worked with sales leadership to align selling methods, messages, and content with a suite of new solutions
  • For a global telecom firm, developed new methodology and then led a series of planning and coaching programs with top regional sales, marketing, and business development staffs to develop innovative new approaches to key accounts
  • For a large IT hardware and software company, developed a new training module on how to sell complex solutions, and trained global sales teams on the new approach


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