Moving to Solutions Isn’t an Optional Business Decision – It’s Critical!

We’ve just completed our New Solutions Development process survey, and we’re  excited about the results.  Some of the findings are  real eyebrow-raisers, while others confirm what we’ve already known and communicates with our solutions marketing community.

Here is the result from one of the questions that we posed -- the question was: How important are solutions revenues to the overall success of your business? We asked the survey participants to gauge the importance of solutions revenues 5 years ago, today, and 5 years from now.  The results are below.


Growing Importance of Solutions A few notes on the survey participants – we screened them with a series of questions to ensure that they are involved in developing new solutions and can provide valuable responses to the questions.  Over 50% of the companies had more than $1 billion in revenues, and they represented a wide range of industries. As you can see, their perception of the importance of solutions to their businesses has increased substantially, and is expected to grow even more dramatically in the future.   Good news for those of us who specialize in solutions marketing!

Comparison to Another Study Conducted 3 Years Ago Hereis the results of a study that we conducted a few years ago titled “The Anatomy of a Solutions Marketer”.  We asked a similar question:

How important is your solutions business to the future of your company?


We had over 120 companies respond to this survey, and you can see that the results are the same – being strong solutions providers is core to the future strategy of their companies.   Today, we see the same strong emphasis, and I’ll put down a strong wager that we’ll see the same sentiment in another 3 years.

The question then, becomes one of implementation success.  Since we know that being a strong solutions company is front and center, how successful have they been in achieving their goals?  As we know, this is tough transition for a host of different reasons.  Let’s spend our time and energies on the critical challenges that need to be addressed that will allow these companies to meet their solutions goals.  Stay tuned.

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