Solutions Insights is a B2B consulting and training firm that helps companies develop, market, and sell high-value solutions. Our work with technology, professional services, and other clients focuses on four dimensions of solutions success: Strategic Alignment, Offering Distinction, Sales Acceleration, and Customer Connection.

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Is Challenger-Based Selling the go-to Model for Selling Solutions?

As we all know, solutions selling is not new. Over the past 10-15 years, it’s been adopted by hundreds of companies that have decided to move to a solutions business model instead of a “product push” approach. And for the most part, it’s been successful. The sales forces at these same companies have made the transition to a more consultative, problem-solving model. The Popularity and Purpose of Challenger Selling But is solutions selling still the right approach? The newest[...] READ MORE

What We Do

Strategic Alignment

Aligning the Organization Around a Solutions Strategy

Offering Distinction

Developing and Launching Compelling New Solutions

Customer Connection

Deepening Connections with Customers and Prospects

Sales Acceleration

Shortening the Sales Cycle for High - Value Solutions

What We Do

"Solutions" is one of those slippery words that can mean anything and everything. In the context of B2B companies, however, the term has taken on a specific meaning. We’ve updated a definition that a council of leading solutions marketing professionals, sponsored by ITSMA, developed over a decade ago:

A combination of products, services, and intellectual property focused on a specific business problem or opportunity that drives measurable business value and can be significantly standardized. The solutions components can be from either the vendor and one or more partners, and the solutions implementer can be the vendor, the partner, the customer itself, or a combination of the three.

Everyone agrees that solutions is an overused term. But it’s the right term. Companies that are able to have all or part of their business based upon this definition in are outcompeting their peers. And solutions marketing isn't a cliché — it’s the key to business advantage.

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Message from Our Partners

Steve Hurley
Matt Leary
Nikki Fisher

We have over 1000 senior tech marketers in the LinkedIn Solutions Marketing Community. Lots of ideas are shared around how to market solutions. Let us make this a common platform to discuss on the new trends and insights about Solutions Marketing.

Members of this group explore best practices, challenges and other issues that their companies have experienced in marketing solutions. There are now articles appearing in HBR and other respected business journals that recognize the complexities of being a true solutions player instead of simply using the terminology as a marketing tool. This group will look at the organizational, cultural, operational, marketing and sales implications of trying to build or improve a solutions business within a company.

  • Steve Hurley will be teaching a course on Sales Strategies at Hult International Business School this April.
  • Nikki Fisher with one of our Partner company has developed a Solutions Marketing Competency Assessment tool.
  • In early October, Matt Leary and Steve Hurley designed and delivered a solutions selling training program to a group of national Key Account Managers for a Fortune 500 product company in the Midwest. The company had rolled out its first suite of solutions and needed to get the sales force prepared to sell the new offerings to new, more senior customers by using a more consultative, relationship-based approach.
  • Steve returned from a trip to Dubai where one of his activities was to deliver a presentation on behalf of the Hult International Business School on October 17. The presentation, which addressed the changing nature of international economic development, was the first in Hult’s Master Class program in which they invite students alumni, and corporate sponsor to hear about cutting edge topics that affect them personally.
  • Nikki Fisher continues to support a number of companies with her unique design for sales Playbooks. Her approach has proven high successful in getting the sales force to quickly understand and communicate complex solutions to their customers.
  • Shyam Velumani has recently gotten a fabulous award. His product — vidCampaign was announced as one of India's top 30 emerging Tech startups by YourStory's TechSparks - This is a big forum in India and is considered the Oscars for start-ups!