Solution Marketing:We've launched!

It’s official – Solutions Insight, Inc., is open for business! Frankly, we couldn’t have picked a worse time to start up our company. As we all know, the stock market has tanked, unemployment is edging towards double-digits and is at its highest level  since 1980, and the amount of personal, corporate, and national debts are at an all-time high. What a great time to launch a new company, don’t you think??! Well, frankly, we think that in fact it is a good time to launch a company – really.  Solutions Insights is focused on helping companies develop, market, and sell real solutions. What does that mean? It means that we’ll show our customers how to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs and translate these needs into new offerings. It means that we will work with them to design and develop solutions in a more cost-efficient way. It means that we’ll leverage the best practices in solutions marketing that we’ve seen over the past decade to create more targeted messaging that clearly spells out the unique differentiators that will be so compelling that they won’t lose their customer base and sustain their flow of revenue. And, most importantly, it means that we’ll ensure that their offerings are truly focused on solving their customers’ business problems in a way that is clearly understood and measurable. Now, if we can help our customers do what I’ve just described, wouldn’t you be excited about launching a company right now? Let’s be realistic -- business will not grind to a complete halt. However, buyers are more skeptical than ever before and will spend their money very carefully, looking for partners and vendors who can demonstrate that what they offer is a “must have” instead of a “nice to have.” We’ll help ensure our customers that their offerings will be seen as “must haves.” My partners and I saw the trend years ago that companies need to stop selling “stuff.” Commercial buyers don’t want more “things.” They don’t want more people inside their shop running around providing simple services.  With the bottom dropping out of the economy, they are demanding louder than ever that their vendors provide tangible, provable solutions. That’s where we come in! Please visit our website on a regular basis since we’ll be posting our ideas and recommendations around solutions on a regular basis. Who knows, maybe we can help you with some of our insights one day!

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