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Challenge : Increase customer penetration and market share by focusing the worldwide sales force on a limited number of high - value solutions.

"A few years ago, the document management division of EMC undertook a transformational initiative to change the way we sold solutions. We chose Solutions Insights from among several vendors and they were with us the whole way – from conducting market research and designing a process to help us choose the best solutions, to developing the plays and producing seven playbooks. They even created and facilitated experiential training programs to help sales use the playbooks. The acceptance rate by sales was higher than anything we had ever done before and, most importantly, the project had a measurable revenue impact. It was absolutely worth the investment and we couldn’t have done it without the expertise of Solutions Insights."
Gabriela Garner
Vice President of Product Marketing at ThinkHR; formerly Director of Product Marketing at EMC

Challenge : Accelerate the sale of new solutions by direct sales and channel partners

"Creating a sales playbook with Solutions Insights is a fundamentally different experience. It’s not about just putting together a document that reiterates marketing messages. Instead, the real magic comes from the processes and expertise they use to help us identify both the best customer-focused “play” and potential barriers to the sale. The resulting playbook is a highly effective sales tool that our direct and partner sales teams can and, most importantly, do use to identify their best targets, engage relevant buyers, and shorten the sales cycle."
Mark Dempsey
Director, Worldwide Marketing at Corporate Sales Enablement Strategy Hitachi Data Systems

Challenge : Penetrating new industry segments using the existing sales force

"The final playbook we created with Solutions Insights was markedly different from anything we’d ever done before. In the past, playbooks were long and often full of more information than the sales people needed. This one was concise and solution-focused and, as a result, feedback from the sales teams was universally positive.
Solutions Insights also made my job as the industry expert very easy. They’re obviously professionals and know what they’re doing and the best part was that I didn’t have to check their work or massively edit what they created. All I had to do was provide background information and then check for technical issues they might not have fully understood.
From start to finish, the entire experience was top notch. When I’m ready to do another playbook, I will definitely come back to Solutions Insights."
Peter Johnson
Vice President, Utility Markets Nokia (formerly Alcatel-Lucent)
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