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Solutions Marketing Success Story: Leveraging Marketing Technology to Generate More Qualified Leads - IBM

A number of recent B2B studies have indicated that marketing’s primary role is to generate qualified leads for the sales force.   Given the importance of this activity, do you think your company would be interested in applying new marketing technology that would increase your funnel of[...]

Key Account Management: Marketing’s Impact. An interview with Bev Burgess

Recently, SI interviewed Bev Burgess, a B2B services growth specialist, on the topic of marketing’s role in Key Account Management (KAM) programs.  Bev is Director of UK-based consultancy The Capsicum Group, and a recognized expert in the process of applying strategic marketing insight to grow[...]

Solutions Marketing: 8 Critical Success Factors for Protecting and Growing your Best Accounts

Our Latest Research Study at Solutions Insights: For reasons that we have discussed in previous blogs, a robust, effective Key Account Management (KAM) program is often a characteristic of solutions-driven companies.   Many of the companies that we have worked with have seen a KAM structure as[...]

Solutions Marketing: Have you Experienced the Shift from Services to Solutions?

“Build a strong services business.  That’s where the future revenue for technology companies will be”… The Drive to Build a Services Business Technology-based companies saw the gold glittering up in the “services” hills.  Build out a solid professional services capability, the[...]


Solutions Marketing: 5 ways to use Social Media

It’s easy to get caught up in the buzz, and the hype, around social media. I’ve been working with many B2B companies to help them figure out when and how to use social media in their business.  The answer is always a bit different depending on the product or service. One area that few people[...]

Solutions Marketing: The Skills Gap Between Product and Solutions Managers

Developing new products is a well-defined, broadly practiced business activity.   Over the past decade, structured processes have provided the guidance that product managers have needed to create new products with increased efficiency and unparalleled levels of quality. The Stage Gate methodology[...]

Solutions Marketing: Musings on a Definition

A lot has been written over the last several years about the drive to solutions and the need for “solutions marketing,” but a good definition for it is still waiting to be written. I think about this a lot and would like to start a conversation around what Solutions Marketing really means and,[...]

Solutions Success Story: Driving Client Loyalty through Dimension Data’s Client Advocacy Program

By definition, technology-based solutions require the integration of products, services, and unique IP to address and resolve the complex business problems large corporations face today. While most solution implementations are ultimately successful, they are rarely easy for all of the typical[...]