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Why is customer-centric marketing still more talk than action?

Michael Shrage’s recent Harvard Business Review post, Great Customers Inspire Great Innovations, got me thinking: Why, amid so much evidence of the power of customer-centric business, are so many companies still mired in inside-out operations? Why do we hear so much talk but see so little[...]

Seven Steps to Differentiating Your Solutions

With all due respect to the U.S. Declaration of Independence, not all people are created equal. While  the Declaration powerfully focused on equal opportunities and rights, people are most certainly different in nearly every other aspect -- size, weight, color…right down to our ability to juggle[...]

Is solutions selling dead...or more important than ever?

Did longtime tech marketing guru Geoffrey Moore just publish an obituary for one of the most successful forms of selling in our industry’s history? In a recent Harvard Business Review article, "In a Downturn, Provoke your Customers," Moore and his TCG Advisors team propose a new method for[...]