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Solutions Success Story: How DuPont Built a Services-Led Solutions Business

All of the solutions success stories that we’ve written over the past few months have shown how technology-based companies have become more customer-centric by creating solutions that seamlessly integrate both products and services. It’s important to understand, however, the move to solutions[...]

Solutions Success Story: HP backs solutions rhetoric with organization change and investment

Everyone talks about "solutions" these days but few seem to invest in the changes necessary to move beyond the rhetoric. For example, truly developing, marketing, and selling integrated B2B solutions typically requires both a strong focus from the top down and a new alignment from the bottom[...]

Solutions marketing and ABM: Recommendations for making them work well together

For companies that are committed to building and selling solutions, understanding how to adapt marketing tools and activities to support the more complex and higher value solutions offerings is critical.  One area of B2B marketing where solutions go-to-market principles need to be applied is[...]