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Solutions Success Story: How TELUS helped its sales force succeed in selling solutions

Here's a common scenario: A company spends significant time and energy create a new set of solutions for a specific market segment. A cross-business unit board agrees to support the new initiative and asks Marketing to put together a go-to-market plan for the new solutions. The marketing team rolls[...]

Is sales enablement dead?

Sales Enablement is a huge topic in B2B these days. You can spend all day every day and still barely scratch the surface of all the dialogue, debate, and events exploring the "real" meaning of sales enablement, who is doing it well, what tools are most useful, and how social media will[...]

Taking the time to get it right

The need for speed in the market is little doubted, and organizations are constantly trying to accelerate the pace of innovation, bringing new products and services to market, and, of course, the sales cycle itself. As in journalism, though, getting it right is just as important as getting it[...]