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Solutions Marketing: Have you Experienced the Shift from Services to Solutions?

“Build a strong services business.  That’s where the future revenue for technology companies will be”… The Drive to Build a Services Business Technology-based companies saw the gold glittering up in the “services” hills.  Build out a solid professional services capability, the[...]

Is sales enablement dead?

Sales Enablement is a huge topic in B2B these days. You can spend all day every day and still barely scratch the surface of all the dialogue, debate, and events exploring the "real" meaning of sales enablement, who is doing it well, what tools are most useful, and how social media will[...]

TL in 4D: Four dimensions for thought leadership success

B2B marketers know that thought leadership is essential, especially when selling high-value solutions. Business buyers tune out most traditional marketing, but they are always looking for new ideas. If we can produce interesting and useful content, and use social media and other platforms to spread[...]