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The continuing ‘tech marketing transformation'—outlook for 2012

Tech marketing organizations have been in a snow-globe swirl of re-organization, budgetary upheaval and operational transformation over the past two years. IDC expects some of this volatility will settle down a bit as we work our way through 2012 and beyond. This does not mean that the "tech[...]

Is sales enablement dead?

Sales Enablement is a huge topic in B2B these days. You can spend all day every day and still barely scratch the surface of all the dialogue, debate, and events exploring the "real" meaning of sales enablement, who is doing it well, what tools are most useful, and how social media will[...]

It's all about lead gen now...or is it?

Rich Vancil, head of IDC's CMO Advisory Service, provided a great state of the tech marketing union this week at the IDC DIrections conference in Boston. It's not great, of course, with IDC projecting 10% marketing budget cuts for 2009 -- which pretty much validates what I've been hearing[...]