Solutions Sales Training - Key Account Management Program for a Healthcare Client

Industry: Healthcare Products healthcare
Activity: Key Account Management Program
Target Audience: Key Account Managers (KAMs)

Business Issue

A Fortune 500 industrial company that has a large health care division realized that it was facing stiff international competition across most of its product lines. The combined commoditization of its products, coupled with the increasing demands of the health care providers to continuously reduce costs, was putting tremendous pressure on its product sales. The company decided to develop and roll out a new set of solutions, and needed the KAMs to be able to sell them.

Our Response

We worked with the Marketing and KAM Directors to design a solutions selling program that would give them the skills and information needed to sell the new offerings. The program included a series of skills needed to identify needs, set up appointments, engage the customer and close deals. This was done through a 2-day workshop followed by a series of mentoring and coaching sessions that lasted 3 months. As part of the workshop, real health care executives were brought into the workshop to act as customers and advise the KAM's on how to sell solutions differently from products.


TBD - this is a recent engagement, and the revenue impact won't be known for another 3-6 months. However, the initial feedback after the workshop and some mentoring sessions has been outstanding - the KAMs are enthusiastic, and have indicated that the training has given them the skills and confidence to sell the new offerings.