Solutions Sales Design and Training Program for Ness Technologies

Industry: IT/Professional Services Ness Technologies
Activity: Solutions Sales Design & Training
Target Audience: Worldwide Sales Team

Business Issue

Ness Technologies, a large Israeli-based company in the IT industry, needed to improve its ability to bring more of its capabilities and assets to address customer problems. Each division had its own sales force, and they only understood and represented their division's capabilities in customer meetings. Management wanted the sales force to better understand their customer's problems, and then use more of the company's capabilities to resolve them.

Our Response

Solutions Insights took a very dramatic and direct approach - we decided to have an intensive, highly interactive session that involved real customers. We designed a sales training session that required the sales teams to interview some of their top customers, analyze their strategic and operational problems, and then go back to the customers with ideas of how Ness can provide significant value to their businesses. All of this was done within the training sessions. We provided the sales force with a methodology for undertaking these 3 tasks, as well as a set of selling tools. The teams met with four of their top customers at their annual world sales conference in Bratislava.


Although this was a sales training program, the customers were so impressed by the dedication and new capabilities of the sales team that each one asked the Ness salespeople to set up real meetings to discuss potential projects with Ness. There was a significant growth in Ness' revenues, and the sales and marketing executives reported back to Solutions Insights that it was the most effective and productive sales training they had every had.