Sample Solutions Sales Accelerator Playbook

The design and format of a playbook will differ based on the needs of the sales force, the solutions that are being sold, and the company’s brand guidelines. Our playbook design process is based upon 3 key principles:

#1: A Playbook Must Provide Connections to all Other Useful Documents

A Solutions Insights Sales Acceleration Playbook is designed not only to contain essential information but also to serve as a delivery vehicle for additional content the sales person might need. These are usually provided by in-context direct links to documents stored in an internal file location.

#2: A Playbook Should be Accessible from a Variety of Devices

The simplest and most universal format for a playbook is an interactive PDF that can be downloaded or viewed using a PC, iPad, tablet or mobile device. The delivery vehicle isn’t the most important thing. What is critical is that the playbook’s format, design and delivery mode make it as easy to use as possible for all customer-facing teams.

#3: The First Two Pages Contain the Essential Information About the Play

Page 1 – Executive Summary

Summarizes the customer problem, solution, unique competitive differentiators and who to target.

Page 2 – Play Overview

Describes in detail the elements of the solution and the problem it solves; contains a graphic which sales can use to illustrate the problem or the benefits of the solution.

Even if the sales team does not read the rest of the playbook, they will still understand the play based on these pages. Each subsequent page provides the information sales needs at various stages.

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