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Deepening Connections with Customers and Prospects

The Challenge

Customer connections are the lifeblood of solutions marketing. Companies selling high-value solutions rely heavily on trusted connections to:

Customer Connection

  • Gain deep insight into customer wants and needs
  • Gather input and advice on potential solutions
  • Accelerate the sales process
  • Obtain references, testimonials, and proof of value delivered

Creating and maintaining those trusted connections, however, is challenging - especially when customers and prospects tune out most marketing, have little time to talk, and remain skeptical that proposed solutions will deliver as promised.

Our Approach

Connecting with customers around high value solutions requires:

  • Deep understanding of the specific industries, issues, roles, and responsibilities of your customers and prospects
  • Serious commitment to an educational approach that provides real value with every marketing interaction
  • Patience and discipline to sustain a months- or even years-long effort to build conversation and relationships

At Solutions Insights, we can strengthen your connection programs in a variety of ways, including:

Customer Connection1
  • Thought Leadership Development: Creating thought leadership platforms and points of view that demonstrate expertise, energize influencers, and support the creation of compelling content and campaigns
  • Lead Development and Nurturing: Building lead generation and nurturing programs that deliver ongoing value and increasing confidence
  • Social Media Integration: Energizing and integrating social media initiatives to support increased learning, conversation, influence, and community

Client Examples

  • For a leading telecom company, provided tools, templates, and ongoing coaching to support strategic planning for thought leadership success
  • For multiple large IT and services companies, developed new thought leadership points of view and content to supportmarketing campaigns, executive connections, and sales enablement
  • For multiple large IT firms, developed and managed multi-touch lead nurturing programs that qualify and segment leads and move them through the sales funnel quickly and efficiently

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