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Is Social Media Effective in Marketing Solutions?

Can We Tweet our Way to Greater Awareness and Higher Sales? Thoughtful Facebook posts, catchy tweets, stunning Instragram photos, a steady flow of Snapchat messages…all great ways to tell others about your trip to Paris, what you had for dinner last night, or to promote the latest nutrition[...]

Using Neuromarketing Techniques for B2B Solutions

We’ve looked at a lot of different ways that solutions marketing differs from product marketing. A lot has been written about thought leadership, more outcome-oriented value propositions, simulation centers, and other solutions-appropriate marketing approaches. But what about neuromarketing?[...]

Solutions Marketing: Helping Your Customers Become Solutions Companies

The Republicans and the Democrats are looking for a “solution” that will prevent them from driving over the edge of the fiscal cliff.  The National Hockey League is looking for a “solution” to its player lock-out so that hockey fans can once again watch the bone-crushing body slams and[...]

Solutions Marketing: A 4-Step Model to Building an Effective Customer Advocacy Program

"Our solutions providers can’t assume that we’ll stay loyal to them. From our point of view, they need to earn our business every day. If they provide us the value that they promise, we’ll be great customers for them. We’ll even help them get other customers." Does this sound like any[...]

Key Account Management: Marketing’s Impact. An interview with Bev Burgess

Recently, SI interviewed Bev Burgess, a B2B services growth specialist, on the topic of marketing’s role in Key Account Management (KAM) programs.  Bev is Director of UK-based consultancy The Capsicum Group, and a recognized expert in the process of applying strategic marketing insight to grow[...]

Key Account Management: What the Best Companies Have Done to Improve Their Programs

The Focus of our Research In a previous blog post, we introduced 8 Critical Success Factors for Protecting and Growing your Best Accounts  based on a recent study completed by Solutions Insights and Hult International Business School.  In that study, we conducted primary and secondary research[...]

Solutions Marketing: 8 Critical Success Factors for Protecting and Growing your Best Accounts

Our Latest Research Study at Solutions Insights: For reasons that we have discussed in previous blogs, a robust, effective Key Account Management (KAM) program is often a characteristic of solutions-driven companies.   Many of the companies that we have worked with have seen a KAM structure as[...]


Solutions Marketing: 5 ways to use Social Media

It’s easy to get caught up in the buzz, and the hype, around social media. I’ve been working with many B2B companies to help them figure out when and how to use social media in their business.  The answer is always a bit different depending on the product or service. One area that few people[...]